Pondless Fountain Reservoirs

In the past, if you wanted a professional-quality water feature, you had two choices:


1) You could hire a professional landscape contractor to design and install it for you, which usually meant parting with thousands of dollars!..OR…


2) You could install it yourself…It looks so easy, right? Of course that usually meant going to a pond store, spending countless hours of your own time wrestling with rubber liners (often to have them develop holes), picking out a pump (hoping it was the right sized pump), going back to the pond store to get a different pump (REALLY hoping THAT one was the right sized pump), renting equipment to lift heavy rocks (which can be hundreds or thousands of pounds) into place, installing irrigation lines, cleaning filters, --Well, you get the idea! Let’s just say the contractors charge the big bucks because installing a fountain isn’t as easy as it looks…


…Or at least it WASN’T, until now! Thanks to LiquidArt, you now have a third, and MUCH better choice! LiquidArt introduces a new concept in outdoor water features—Complete, easy-to-install, fountain kits. These kits are comprised of two components.


The first component is the self-contained, rigid, self-supporting, pondless reservoir. It’s what holds the water that recirculates through the fountain. Because it’s covered (see illustration above), there is no exposed standing water, which makes the fountain safer for small children and pets. Also, the maintenance, and cleaning common with traditional ponds is virtually non-existent!..And wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying your fountain, rather than cleaning it?


The second component is the bubbler(s), which is what the water flows from. These are glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete (GFRC) artificial rocks. Unlike thin, fake-looking fiberglass shells or resin-molded rocks, LiquidArt’s GFRC rocks are made of concrete, and molded from actual stone, giving them a look and texture that is unbelievably real! Yet, despite their rugged quality, they are light enough to position on the fountain bases without expensive earth-moving equipment! (To learn more about LiquidArt’s GFRC rocks, click here.)


LiquidArt’s three pondless fountain base models (LA5000, LA6000 and LA7000) are designed for use with one, two, or three bubblers, respectively. Each shares a rugged, polyethylene water reservoir, measuring approximately 49”W x  49”L x 10 ½”H, with a load capacity of up to 4000lbs of evenly distributed weight. The grating has a built-in, removable, access door, which allows you to get to your pump and plumbing without having to disconnect or remove your fountain rocks from the grating deck.


Although the size of each base is the same, the differences are in the internal parts that are included:

  • The LA5000 (single fountain base) is designed for use with one bubbler rock and includes one hose, water flow control valve, manifold, and a 700 gallon-per-hour (gph) pump.
  • The LA6000 (double fountain base) is designed for use with two bubbler rocks, and includes two hoses, two water flow control valves, manifold, and a 950 gph pump.
  • The LA7000 (triple fountain base) is designed for use with three bubbler rocks, and includes three hoses, three water control vales, manifold, and an 1800 gph pump.

NEW PRODUCT: LiquidArt’s new 2X2SGL!

Due to popular demand, there’s now a new member of the LiquidArt family—the new 2X2SGL fountain base. It’s made with the same high quality plastic and components as our larger fountain bases. However, its smaller size makes it perfect for people who have limited space, or a limited budget. The 2x2SGL’s 2-foot square water reservoir holds 12 gallons of water and is specifically designed for use with the SRD16 faux rock. Click on the picture of the 2X2SGL base above for more information on LiquidArt’s newest fountain base.
Click on the pictures below to learn more about the different models of LiquidArt’s self-contained pondless fountain bases.






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