How We Started

Bird_Bath_Fountain_4howWeStarted The initial idea for Liquid Art Fountains presented itself to founder, Steve Stamback, when he wanted a to create a new yardscape including a fountain. He talked to friends and asked owners of fountains in his Pacific Northwest neighborhoods as well as traveling in other cities for work. Most owners complained of breaking pumps, algae and duckweed buildup (and the mucky cleanup necessary), liner punctures, and safety concerns for children as well as undesirable stagnant pools that hosted mosquito populations.

As a designer and manufacturer of high quality, durable automotive products, Steve set to work. He researched ways to recycle plastics and create a durable and sustainable reservoir that didn’t rely on a lining susceptible to punctures, thinning or blowouts. He created a “pondless” reservoir basin of hard durable plastic, grated with a removable access door, that could hold up to 4000lbs above it and protect the plumbing parts held within it. Steve designed a system of universal connectors and valves for the pipes to the rocks and a magnetic drive pump to control the flow of water through the pipes. The fine gauge polypropylene mesh screen prevents large debris from gumming up the pump and lines. Steve went onto to invent an accessory collar for the smaller 2’x2’ reservoir which helps recapture the splashback, eliminating the need for continual topping off. The rigid basins come in several different sizes and can be placed into the ground and set up within 3-4 hours.

Next Steve turned his attention to the problem of creating a faux rock that was visually realistic and tough. He soon realized that he could make an exact replica of any rock by fine tuning a liquid silicone glove mold method. This method captures and preserves every facet of detail on a rock’s surface. Hence the name Liquid Art. Finally he chose a variety of the iconic Columbia Gorge basalts in varying shapes and sizes to suit any possible landscape aesthetic.

These easy to install fountains create a peaceful and calming visual and aural counterpoint to busy modern lives. The sound of bubbling water soothes nerves and the natural variegated beauty of Columbia Gorge basalt forms anchors the eye and encourages a sense of stillness. Each Liquid Art pondless reservoir kit includes everything that is needed to install and create a lovely water feature in your personal or professional landscape. Enhance your outdoor living with the addition of one of Liquid Art’s fountains. They are easy to install, have a five year warranty, and are completely customizable.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Experience