Frequently Asked Questions

What Are “Liquid Art Fountains?”
They are complete fountain kits, featuring all the necessary components (reservoir, pump, hoses, bubblers, etc.) to build and install a professional looking “pondless” fountain, which will add beauty and value to any yard. They’re referred to as “pondless,” because they have no standing water. The water reservoir is hidden underground. Click here for additional reservoir information. Click here for additional rock design information.

What are the advantages of the “Pondless” Design?
Water features with standing water (i.e., a pond), tend to attract mosquitoes and wildlife that are drawn to water sources. In addition, ponds can fill up quickly with leaves, twigs, tree needles, etc., requiring frequent cleaning, which can be a hassle. LiquidArt’s fountains do not have these issues because there is no standing water, and their mesh screens keep the cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. Finally, safety is a big concern when children or pets are around fountains with standing water. LiquidArt’s pondless fountains are safer, because there are no pools of water for children or pets to fall into.

Where is the recirculated water held?
The fountain kit base includes the reservoir, which holds the water under the surface. Water cascades from the top of the fountain rock and flows into the reservoir, where it’s then pumped to the top of the rock again. The 4×4 reservoirs holds approximately 70 gallons of water. The 2×2 basins hold approximately 12 gallons.

How big of a rock can I use on the fountain base?
The 4×4 fountain base is approximately 49 inches square. You can use any rock, or combination of rocks (or other bubbler component), that will fit on the base. However, you should also keep in mind that different rocks create different water flows and splash patterns, and those water flows should be directed to minimize overspray past the edges of the reservoir. This will maximize water retention in the reservoir, and will minimize the frequency with which you needing to refill the reservoir basin.

What kind of warranty does LiquidArt offer?
Each fountain kit has a one year limited warranty against manufactures defects. In addition, the water pump comes with a 3 year/1 year limited warranty (3 years on the pump and 1 year on the other fountain/bubbler components). Click here to view Limited Warranty. Now, for a limited time, LiquidArt is offering a free upgrade to a full Five (5) year limited warranty for customers who fill out and return the Customer Survey included in the installation guide. A base kit must be part of the purchase for this warranty extension to apply.

How much electricity is required to run the fountain kit?
The only components that utilize electricity are the pumps. Power consumption is approximately 60/93/145 watts for the 700/950/2100 gph pumps, respectively.

Do I need to dig a hole for the fountain kit to work properly?
No. Some people have chosen to set the fountain kit directly on the ground, installing either decorative rock or retaining wall material around the fountain to create an elevated look.

If I choose to dig a hole for the fountain kit how deep will it need to be?
The 4×4 fountain basin is 12 inches deep, and 8 inches for the 2×2 basin. LiquidArt recommends that the top of the bases sit approximately ½” above the surrounding ground, to keep debris from inadvertently getting kicked into the reservoir. This raised area will not be noticeable once the river rock is put on top of the grating.

How long should I expect the installation process to take?
Typically, the time to get the fountain installed and running will be approximately 3-4 hours. The time necessary to finish the surrounding area with plants, river rock, etc. will vary, depending on your design tastes, and the size of the area surrounding the fountain. Click here for Installation information

Can I use some other type of fountain device other than a fountain rock?
Certainly! A variety of fountains, urns, natural stone and other bubblers can, and have, been used. For the easiest installation, LiquidArt recommends using our rock bubbler products, since they are all designed to connect and work flawlessly with the LiquidArt fountain bases.

What is the total weight of the fountain kit?
Total weight will vary depending on the fountain base (and rocks chosen). The fountain bases run approximately 90-100lbs, and the rocks vary from 25lbs to 100lbs.

What is involved with maintenance?
Maintenance is very simple. The mesh screen and decorative rock on top of your fountain grate will keep most debris out of your reservoir. In very cold areas prone to extended periods of below-freezing areas, it is recommended that water be pumped out of the reservoir and the pump be disconnected and kept inside for the winter. Additional instructions for winterizing your fountain can be found here. Maintenance instructions are also included in the installation guide. If you have further maintenance questions, please call us at 800-974-9586.

How often will the fountain need more water?
Expect evaporation and overspray to necessitate topping off your reservoir in 3-15 days. It really depends on the temperature, wind, and how much water flow and “head height” you have coming from your fountain. LiquidArt also has an optional water auto-fill valve for our larger 4ft. x 4ft. reservoirs which will eliminate the need to manually replenish or top off the fountain reservoir (at this time we do not have a auto-fill option for the more compact 2ft. x 2ft. reservoirs). Click here for tips on preventing water loss.

How will I know that water needs to be added?
You will know the water level is getting low by the head height of your fountain piece (it will decrease). Also, as the water level gets near the inlet of the pump, the pump will pull more air in with the water creating a different sound and reduced head height. Simply add more water and the head height & water sound will  return to normal. LiquidArt offers an optional water auto-fill system that will automatically maintain the proper water level, so you do not have to. 

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