LA3700 Auto-Fill

Water Auto-Fill How To

The NEW LA3700 water auto-fill system is design to work with the 4’x4′ LiquidArt reservoir. If you purchased the previous model, LA3600 Hudson Auto-Fill valve, then please click here for instructions on installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The LA3600 model was sold between 2005 and 2015.


LA3700 Auto-Fill
Auto-fill valve installed, prior to water line connection.
Insert the pre-assembled auto-fill valve in grate opening.

The LA3700 Auto-Fill  easily attaches to the side of the reservoir, through a cut-out in the grating (as shown in the picture). Included with the auto-fill are two attachments for connecting a water source. One will allow connection to a PVC water line from your irrigation system and the other to a regular garden hose. The water line connection is designed for a glue-in installation to a 1/2″ PVC pipe.

When connected to a water source the valve will automatically fill the reservoir to the proper level keeping your fountain full. This eliminates the need to manually top off the water level every few days. You can purchase the auto-fill kit here. The Auto-Fill Valve can be added at any time during or after installation.

The valve shuts off about 1 1/2″ – 2″ up from the bottom of the valve which is approximately 8″ from the bottom of a 4×4 reservoir (the higher your water pressure the higher up on the valve the water will shut off).


The LA3700 Auto-Fill will provide many years of on-going service with very little to no maintenance. However, new installations are more prone for potential malfunction due to dirt and other debris present in the water line or garden hose. If you suspect the auto-fill is not performing properly, not allowing water through the valve, then simply hold the valve open by pushing gently downward on the float, do this while the water is turned on. This may be all that is required to flush out the debris clogging the valve.

If a simple flush out does not get water flowing again then follow the illustrated steps below for a complete clean out.
Unscrew the float.
Float removed.
Unscrew the valve from plumbing
Valve removed
Clean out any debris with a small screwdriver.

Flush the valve with clean water from a faucet then reinstall in reverse order. If you are unable to remove debris with a small screwdriver or flushing with water then disassemble the valve by following the illustrated steps below.
Use small pliers to straighten the otter pin.
Remove the cotter pin.
Separate the two valve parts.
Clean the valve by flushing with water or clear the orifice with a small screwdriver or paper clip.

Reverse all steps in exact order to reassemble the auto-fill valve.


LA3700 Water Auto-Fill How To

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