How To Winterize Your LiquidArt Fountain

As winter approaches, we receive many calls asking about protecting fountains in the freezing weather. The steps necessary to protect your fountain (and maintain your warranty) vary slightly, depending on temperatures and severity of weather in your area.

–  For Areas Where Temperatures Are Below Freezing for Extended Periods (1 week or longer):
The best way to ensure protection of your fountain is to disconnect the pump from the manifold (the PVC piece with the water flow control valves). Then use the pump to pump out the majority of water from the reservoir. Once this has been done, bring the pump inside for the remainder of the season.

–  For Areas With Mild Winters (Occasional Temperatures Below Freezing):
If you’re in an area where temperatures only occasionally drop slightly below freezing (and do not stay below freezing for more than 1 week), fill your reservoir completely with water, and keep the fountain running. By maintaining water flow, the water in the reservoir will usually not freeze deep enough to affect the pump. Again, this is only suggested when temperatures are not expected to be much below freezing, and not for longer than 1 week.

Note: Any time your fountain is running, and the temperature is below freezing, ice will form on your fountain rocks (as seen in the picture above). Ice alone should not damage your rocks. However if ice is forming, then the frozen water is not returning to the reservoir. So, it’s important to check the water level in the reservoir often! If the water level gets too low (near the pump’s inlet), damage to the pump could result. Check the water level multiple times per day, as water levels can drop dramatically in only a matter of hours, when temperaturatures are low and heavy ice is forming. Once the rocks are completely incapsulated with ice, water lose will be minimal.

If the water level in the reservoir is full, but the bubblers have only a small amount of water coming out of them, it may be due to ice in the hose(s) and/or water pipe inside the rock. Typically,  pouring warm water into the fountain holes (at the top of the rock) will help melt ice blockages which can then flow back into the reservoir.

Additional Notes:
If you have an Auto-Fill Kit attached to your fountain you will need to winterize it too.  It’s best to shut off the water at the source feeding the auto-fill. In areas with extended freezing, remove the auto-fill by unscrewing it from the PVC fitting and store inside with your pump. In milder climates, still shut of the water from the source and then to leave the auto-fill valve in the “open” position (handle parallel to the auto-fill pipe).

If you have any additional questions about winterizing your LiquidArt fountain, please feel free to call us, or to email us.


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