Auto-Fill Kit LA3700


  • Works on 4×4 Reservoirs
  • Supplies Water to Reservoir as Needed
  • Connects to Irrigation Line or Garden Hose
  • Does NOT require power
  • Completely Adjustable



Save the time of topping off the water level in your fountain. Let the Auto-Fill do the work for you! the float valve will automatically add water to your fountain as needed!

The NEW LA3700 water auto-fill system is designed to work with the larger 4ft. x 4ft. fountain reservoir! It easily attaches to a water line from your irrigation system (such as a sprinkler zone), or to a regular garden hose. When connected to a water source the valve will automatically fill the reservoir to the proper level keeping your fountain full. This eliminates the need to manually top off the water level every few days.

The valve is completely adjustable, allowing the desired amount of water in the reservoir.  Installation instructions are located in the “How To” section under Auto-Fill or you can click here.

The Auto-Fill Valve can be added at any time during or after installation. Includes all necessary hardware for attaching to a standard irrigation line or standard garden hose.

What’s in the Box – Auto-Fill

  • Float valve w/ PVC fittings
  • Flow control valve
  • 1/2 PVC adapter (for connecting to sprinkler line)
  • Garden hose adapter

Part Number: LA3700
Price: $59.99