Double Ripples Pottery Fountain


  • 26″ and 35″ Ripples Style Pottery Fountain
  • Handcrafted by Clay Artisans
  • 70 Gallen Hidden Pond-less Reservoir
  • Complete Ready-to-Install Package

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Double Ripples Pottery

This fountain has a interesting sensibility about it: the ripples evoke the iron washboards used a century ago as well as modern day corrugated cardboard. Sounds less than visually appealing, but it is precisely these evocations which surprise and seduce the eye when rendered in clay. This fountain offers a timely ruggedness well suited to many different garden and landscape designs. Its glaze is a lovely neutral which can appear to be various shades of grey brown depending on the light. Uniquely constructed where the bottom is open and the top closed, this ingenious design hides the pipe which pumps the water up to the shallow basin at the top. The tapered sides efficiently stream the cascading water back into LiquidArt’s 4×4 fountain base. Handcrafted by skilled clay artisans and locally sourced in Vietnam, each fountain is unique with natural variations in the glaze.

Note: From the pictures you can see there is a variance in color from piece-to-piece, please indicate whether you prefer the darker shade or lighter shade and we’ll match the two pottery pieces.

:: 4’x4′ fountain base holds 70+ gallons of water, circulated by a 1,110 gallon-per-hour pump.
:: All connections are made by easy-to-assemble PVC connectors; which are all included.
:: Comprehensive installation guide.
:: Pond-less design has no standing water, so maintenance is minimal.
:: Completed project normally only takes around four hours.

What’s in the Box – Double Ripples

  • LARIPPLES35LC – Ripples pottery fountain, 35″ tall
  • LARIPPLES26LC – Ripples pottery fountain, 26″ tall
  • LA6000 – 4ft. x 4 ft. – 70 gallon pond-less water reservoir (includes reservoir, grating, 1,110 gph mag drive pump, flow control manifold, 2 hose assemblies, poly-screen and all necessary pre-assembled fittings)
  • Installation guide

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Double Ripples Pottery Fountain from LiquidArt