Silver Falls Single Fountain


  • 26″ Tall Silver Falls Fountain Rock
  • Compact Design for Smaller Spaces
  • Complete Ready-to-Install Package
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Silver Falls
The 26″ tall rock features a smooth top which allows the water to gently cascade down, creating a smooth sound, with a minimal amount of splash.

:: 2’x2′ fountain base holds 12 gallons of water, circulated by a 370 gallon-per-hour pump.
:: All connections are made by easy-to-assemble PVC connectors; which are all included.
:: Comprehensive installation guide.
:: Very realistic looking concrete bubblers are hollow and easy to move without large equipment.
:: Pond-less design has no standing water, so maintenance is minimal.
:: Completed project normally only takes around four hours.

What’s in the Box – Silver Falls

  • Silver Falls 26″ – Silver Falls fountain rock, 26″ tall (LA2150)
  • LA2000SGL – 2ft. x 2 ft. – 12 gallon single pond-less water reservoir (includes reservoir, grating, 370 gph Blue Thumb Mag-Drive pump, flow control manifold, hose assembly, poly-screen and all necessary pre-assembled fittings)
  • Installation guide

Rock Information

Liquid Art Rock Fountain Designs are exact replicas of the stunning Columbia Gorge’s basalt formations found in the Pacific Northwest. Each of the rocks has been handcrafted from actual basalt. Liquid Art’s fine-tuned glove mold technology uses liquid silicone to create an exact replica of the original surface. After creating the new molds of various types of basalt rocks, Liquid Art set to work to develop a durable material that would not crack like many of the flimsy faux rocks commonly available on the market.  Liquid Art found a high performance concrete strengthened with glass fibers (GFRC – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). These new GRFC rocks are hollow, but dense, weighing between 20-90 lbs depending on size. Liquid Art rocks are hefty and do fully earn your attention, but do not require heavy machinery to install.

Attached to the ingenious re-circulating Liquid Art reservoir, these superbly naturalistic rocks will darken when wet and attract wonderful mosses. They acquire real character as they age, but due to their durable construction will not break or crack in the elements.

Part Number: LA2150R

Silver Falls Fountain