Stripes Pottery Fountain


  • 35″ Tall Stripes Pottery Fountain
  • Hidden Pond-Less Water Reservoir
  • 3 Color Choices
  • Complete Ready-To-Install Package


Stripes Pottery

The 35″ tall verticality of this fountain is countered by the strong overlapping horizontals that the water cascades down over. This tapered form slenderizes the fountain and suggests movement as well as strength. Sleek, modern and yet rooted in the awareness of the past, this monolithic fountain creates a stunning focal point for any landscape.  Water burbles up and cascades over the edges sheeting the overlapped sides which taper to firmly anchor to LiquidArt’s pond-less fountain base. Uniquely constructed where the bottom is open and the top closed, this ingenious design hides the pipe which pumps the water up to the shallow basin at the top. Handcrafted by skilled clay artisans and locally sourced in Vietnam, each fountain is unique with natural variations in the glaze.

:: All connections are made by easy-to-assemble PVC connectors; which are all included.
:: Comprehensive installation guide.
:: Pond-less design has no standing water, so maintenance is minimal.
:: Completed project from start to finish normally only takes around four hours.

Color Options

Metallic Black – In the metallic black glaze, the water is luminescent as is pulses from the top. This glaze allows the water to collect and refract light so as to read silver at times – its beauty is compelling and serene.

Sky Blue – This sky blue glazed fountain has two personalities depending upon its placement: one as a riveting focal point, the other as a neutral. This stunning fountain provides another pop of exciting color in a vibrant landscape or could be seen as a unifying neutral in a tightly edited landscape of various greys and blues softened with greens. This hue has the depth of the evening sky or a mountain lake. The fountain’s sides visually suggest a modern take on mountain ridges.

Rust Glaze – This fountain would play nicely in a garden landscape that celebrates warm colors. The rust glaze is highlighted by lovely blue grey accents, an unique color combination which is sedate, yet warm and would complement any southwest garden landscape. Although the slatted sides of this fountain are rustically tactile, the design is modern.

Reservoir Option

Due the larger over spray pattern from this pottery fountain it utilizes our larger LA5000 4ft. x 4ft. reservoir. A 2×2 reservoir is not suitable for this pottery piece.

The 4’X4’ reservoir measures 49”x49” square, 10 1/2” tall and holds 70 gallons of recirculated water. It provides significantly more water storage compared to our 2×2 reservoir and recaptures a larger over-spray pattern preventing frequent top offs with the garden hose.

What’s in the Box – Stripes Pottery

  • LASTRIPES – Stripes pottery fountain, in Metallic Black, Sky Blue or Rust Glaze (35″ tall)
    • Pondless Reservoir
      • – LA5000 – 4ft. x 4ft. – 70 gallon water reservoir (includes reservoir, grating, 660 gph Blue Thumb Mag Drive  pump, flow control valve/ hose assembly, poly-screen and all necessary pre-assembled fittings)
      • Installation guide

Price: $1,249 (Includes Free Shipping)

Stripes Pottery from LiquidArt