Fountains_withLightsLiquid Art Fountains set the industry standard for the highest quality pondless fountains that are customizable, easy to install, attractive, affordable and safe. Their gentle sounds of gurgles and splashes are tranquilizing to listen to and await a chance to soften the sounds of your home or business landscape. Think about the soothing sounds of water running over rocks, a natural “white noise” which helps relax everyone, creates a lovely focal point in your landscape and attracts birds to your garden.

Liquid Art pondless reservoirs and rocks are created by an inventive company which specializes in developing sustainable fountains. The reservoirs are engineered from recycling tough plastics and then molding them into an ingenious and useful design. The rocks are crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete that is hand packed into a molds formed from basalt formations found in the Columbia Gorge and other Pacific Northwest sites. Combined, they create extremely naturalistic and gorgeous fountains which change color when wet and allow moss to grow, furthering their landscape appeal. The variety of rock and pottery choices is terrific and offers the landscaper in you a myriad of options to create a fountain that enhances your outdoor landscape and is tailored to your personal style choices.

Liquid Art’s pondless reservoir is machined from recycled durable plastics that will not crack, puncture or leak like most fountain liner systems. The rigid basins come in two different sizes and can be placed into the ground and set up within several hours. The basins contain up to 70 gallons of water which re-circulates back into the reservoir. Liquid Art’s basins lie beneath a grate and a fine polymesh screen so there is no standing or exposed water, no risk to children, pets, or creating a mosquito breeding ground.