Pondless Reservoir Options

LiquidArt 4x4 Installation Diagram
LiquidArt 4×4 Installation Diagram

Created by an inventive manufacturer who wanted a pond feature that he could trust would not leak over time, Steve Stamback, Liquid Art’s founder, specializes in engineering sustainable recycled materials which led to Liquid Art’s pondless basin. Rotational molded from recycled durable plastics that do not crack, puncture, or leak like most pond/fountain liner systems and combined with magnetic submersible pumps hidden under a grate, these fountains all share an ingenious rigid basin that allows water to recycle and re-circulate.

First choose a site for your fountain and consider what size suits your space best. Selecting the perfect fountain for you is a matter of deciding where you want to place it and how much space is there. Liquid Art offers two basin sizes, a 2’x2’ and 4’x4’ basin. After choosing your basin, look through our different styles, sizes and scales of rock or pottery fountains. Feel free to mix and match different heights, from a simple low boulder that quietly anchors a collection of ferns to multi-tiered columnar basalts which will become a natural and impressive focal point in a courtyard, driveway, or entrance. Visit our Selecting the Right Fountain Page to get more help with this.

Installation is simple for anyone: Dig a hole ten inches deep, place the basin in, hook up the submersible pump with our ingenious universal connector to the lines, thread them through the grate and poly-mesh screen and connect the lines to the rock(s) or pottery of your choice. Fill the basin with water and you are ready to turn it on! Place plants around it and enjoy watching and listening to it come to life. From start to finish installation only takes between three and four hours. Liquid Art’s reservoir basins are truly easy to install. Check out our Installation Page to learn more – Click Here

See pictures below for all available reservoir options (click on picture for larger view).

Single Reservoir
4′ x 4′ Single Reservoir
Double Reservoir
4′ x 4′ Double Reservoir
Triple Reservoir
4′ x 4′ Triple Reservoir
LA 2x2 Reservoir
2′ x 2′ Single Reservoir
2′ x 2′ Double Reservoir


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