Rock Designs

liquidartfountains-LED-lights-are-greatLiquid Art Rock Fountain Designs are exact replicas of the stunning Columbia Gorge’s basalt formations found in the Pacific Northwest. Each of the rocks has been handcrafted from actual basalt. Liquid Art’s fine-tuned glove mold technology uses liquid silicone to create an exact replica of the original surface. After creating the new molds of various types of basalt rocks, Liquid Art set to work to develop a durable material that would not crack like many of the flimsy faux rocks commonly available on the market. Steve Stamback, Liquid Art’s founder and chief inventor, found a high performance concrete strengthened with glass fibers (GFRC – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). These new GRFC rocks are hollow, but dense, weighing between 20-90 lbs depending on size. Liquid Art rocks are hefty and do fully earn your attention, but do not require heavy machinery to install.

Attached to the ingenious re-circulating Liquid Art reservoir, these superbly naturalistic rocks will darken when wet and attract wonderful mosses. They acquire real character as they age, but due to their durable construction will not break or crack in the elements.

Liquid Art offers two colors that naturally accentuate anyone’s landscape. Dapple Gray has light brown undertones weathering in mist and this color rock is especially popular in northern climates as it reflects more light during the winter months. Sedona Brown instantly transports the viewer to the warm American Southwest with its rich red, brown, gold and umber tones.

Washburn FountainWatershed Fountain Rocks
Liquid Art’s Watershed Collection contains our tallest columnar rock. This group defines striking and assertive. These semi-rectangular irregular faces can be arranged to accentuate their blockiness or to harness the power of creating a visual “wedge” in one’s view. The water slides down over the some of the faces on these rocks in smoother sheets than in some of the other styles.

  • Watershed SRA42″ (4’x4‘ basin, approx. 90 lbs)
  • Watershed SRA36″ (4’x4‘ basin, approx. 65 lbs)
  • Watershed SRA24″ (4’x4‘ basin, approx. 50 lbs)



Cascade Fountain Rocks   Cascade Fountain Rocks are classic Columbia Gorge columnar basalt rocks each offering a different take depending on which face you choose to present. They can be interchanged and subtly shifted to showcase more uncommon fractured faces. The Cascade 36” is taller bubbler with a subtly rounded top and chiseled features which accentuate its rough-hewn look while the 24″ compliments the same look.

  • Cascade SRB36″ (4’x4’ basin, approx. 50 lbs)
  • Cascade SRB24″ (4’x4’ basin, approx. 35 lbs.)


Mountain SpringMountain Spring Rock
This multi-tiered bubbler lends itself to different emplacements as each of its unique faces creates a different relationship to the surrounding landscape. Water flows in different ratios down over the tiers and makes for a lovely harmony of splashes and trickles. Its heft creates a dramatic platform as it is our largest rock in circumference.

  • Mountain Spring SRC24″ (4’X4’ basin, approx. 90 lbs.)



Klamath BasinKlamath Basin Rock An elegant hexagonal rock at 16″, the Klamath Basin is perfect for when less is more with its inviting gentle basin that gently pools its water flow and attracts birds. The rock, holds about an inch of water, which then gently cascades over the sides and back into the hidden water reservoir.

  • Klamath Basin SRD16″ (2’x2’ basin, approx. 35 lbs.)



Mountain SpringMini Mountain Spring
This smaller counterpart to the Mountain Spring rock, the mini version offers the same multi tiered look with the ability to use more than one rock on the 4’x4′ basin. It usually compliments larger rocks in a double or triple combination but isn’t out shadowed due to its 15″ height.

  • Mini Mountain Spring SRE15 (4’x4′ basin, approx. 35lbs.)



Twisting CreekTwisting Creek Rock
This striking bubbler shows off definitive angles on the varying pillar faces. It attains a height of 36” jutting out above a base about 18”wide.

  • Twisting Creek SRF36″ (4’X4’ basin, approx. 65 lbs.)





Twin Peaks DoubleTwin Peaks Rocks
the perfect choice when space is limited. These two bubblers, 16″ and 10″ tall, give the ability to still have the two rock aethetic on a smaller 2’x2′ basin. They are our shortest rocks and perfect for more sound from a smaller package.

  • Twin Peaks SRH10″ (2’x2′ basin, approx. 10 lbs.)
  • Twin Peaks SRG16″ (2’x2′ basin, approx. 14 lbs.)



Silver Falls

Silver Falls Rock
The 26″ tall rock features a smooth top which allows the water to gently cascade down the rock, creating a smooth sound, with a minimal amount of splash.

  • Silver Falls SRJ26″ (2’x2′ basin, approx 30 lbs.)





Hollow SpringsHollow Spring Rocks
Hollow Springs is a clean lined basalt rock. With a steady water flow it offers a strong “anchoring” presence in any landscape. This rock features a concave top, allowing the water to form a natural birdbath before running down the front face of the rock.

  • Hollow Spring SRK25″ (2’x2’ basin, approx. 35 lbs.)
  • Hollow Spring SRK35″ (4’x4′ basin, approx. 50 lbs.)



Small Caldera

Caldera Rocks
These lovely, six sided rocks are perfect when surrounded by gravel or gentle sedums. This elegant bubbler offers a dipping pool which burbles gently and attracts wildlife and can fit on either basin depending on its height.

  • Small Caldera SRL20″ (2’X2” basin, approx. 40 lbs.)
  • Caldera SRL36″ (4’x4′ basin, approx. 90 lbs.)



Foothills Accent RockFoothills Accent Rock
“Foothills” Accent Rock is 16” tall and is a great way to observe the rule of threes principle, which states that groups of odd numbers are more visually appealing than even numbers. “Foothills” provides a great transition down to ground plantings nestling in to the base of a bubbler and foliage of your choice.

  • Accent Rock ACRA16″ (Any basin, approx. 20 lbs.)



Planter PicturePlanter Accent Rock
The Accent Planter accessory is constructed to match your Liquid Art bubblers. It allows you to change the look of your fountain throughout the seasons by adding flowers or plants without having to move your ground cover rocks. No assembly required, just plant your accents of choice and place next to your fountain.

  • Planter Accent (Any basin, approx 25 lbs.)

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