Selecting the Right Fountain

First Step: Selecting the Right Fountain

LiquidArt fountains come in all shapes and sizes and, while perusing the many choices is exciting, answering some simple questions first will help you choose the right fountain more efficiently. Consider what size and style of rock suits your space and design aesthetic best. Keep in mind one universally accepted rule of design regarding groupings of similar things is that odd numbers work best. Odd numbers tend to not create patterns and give you the most arrangement options.

Look at all of Liquid Art’s options and feel free to mix and match different heights and styles. Alternatively, consider utilizing some of our authentically multi-tiered columnar basalts; in and of themselves, their hexagonal fracture lines become a natural and impressive focal point in any courtyard, driveway, or entrance.

Please call or email if you would like a particular combination of size and style but don’t see what you looking for. The options are nearly limitless and we simply have not presented all the possible combinations on our site.

Which reservoir base size meets your needs?

Liquid Art offers two base reservoirs crafted from rugged polyethylene which you set into the ground.  A built-in, removable door in the grate allows easy access to the pump and plumbing without having to disconnect the fountain rocks.

The 4’X4’ reservoir measures 49”x49” square, 10 1/2” tall and holds 70 gallons of recirculated water. There are three different plumbing options based on how many bubbles you choose. If space is not an issue then the 4×4 reservoir is your best choice. It provides significantly more water storage and has the ability to recapture a larger over-spray pattern preventing frequent top offs with the garden hose.

The 2×2 reservoir measures 25″ x 25″ square, 7″ tall and holds 12 gallons of recirculated water. If space is a serious issue and you absolutely cannot fit a 4×4 reservoir in the desired area then the 2’X2’ reservoir may be the best option. It is perfect for smaller landscapes and budgets.

Second Step: How many rocks or pottery pieces do you want in your fountain?

The 2’X2’ reservoir offers these rock and pottery options: Click Here…

The 4’X4’ offers three models:

Single Fountain LA5000 is the 4’x4′ base that comes with a single hose, a 700 gph pump, one water flow control valve, manifold, and is designed to be used with one fountain rock/pottery. To see some of the options that combine with this base, Click Here…

Double Fountain LA6000 is the 4×4 base that comes with two hoses, a 950 gph pump, two water control valves, manifold, and is designed for use with two fountains rocks or pottery pieces. To see some of the options that combine with this base, Click Here…

Triple Fountain LA7000 is the 4×4 base that comes with three hoses, a 2100 gph pump, three water control valves, manifold, and is designed to work with three bubbler rocks. To see options that combine with this base, Click Here…

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