Tall Jar Pottery 42″ Fountain


  • 42″ Tall Jar Pottery Fountain
  • 70 Gallon Hidden Pond-Less Water Reservoir
  • Handcrafted in Vietnam
  • Complete Ready-To-Install Package

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Tall Jar 42″ Pottery Fountain

This wonderful coppery fountain makes a dramatic statement wherever it is placed. One of LiquidArt’s largest, this curvaceous stunner with simple elegant lines of classical Greek amphorae will instantly increase the glamour of any garden, event hardscape or business landscape. Uniquely constructed where the bottom is open and the top closed, this ingenious design hides the pipe which pumps the water up to the shallow basin at the top. The gentle tapering of the sides efficiently sends the cascading water back into LiquidArt’s 4×4 fountain base. Handcrafted by skilled clay artisans and locally sourced in Vietnam, each fountain is unique with natural variations in glaze.

:: 4’x4′ fountain base holds 70 gallons of water, circulated by a 700 gallon-per-hour pump.
:: All connections are made by easy-to-assemble PVC connectors; which are all included.
:: Comprehensive installation guide.
:: Pond-less design has no standing water, so maintenance is minimal.
:: Completed project from start to finish normally only takes around four hours.


Rust Glaze  – An elegant rust glaze makes this fountain a good companion in any landscape where a warm southwestern color is desired.


Due to it’s height this pottery fountain utilizes our larger LA5000 4ft. x 4ft. reservoir with its larger more powerful water pump. A 2×2 reservoir is not suitable for this pottery piece.

The 4’X4’ reservoir measures 49”x49” square, 10 1/2” tall and holds 70 gallons of recirculated water. It provides significantly more water storage compared to our 2×2 reservoir and recaptures a larger over-spray pattern preventing frequent top offs with the garden hose.

What’s in the Box – Tall Jar 42″ Pottery

  • LAJAR42 – Tall Jar pottery fountain in Rust Glaze (42″ tall)
  • LA5000 – 4ft. x 4ft. – 70 gallon water reservoir (includes reservoir, grating, 700 gph Pondmaster pump, flow control valve/hose assembly, poly-screen and all necessary pre-assembled fittings)
  • Installation guide

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Tall Jar 42″ Pottery from LiquidArt