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Pondless Water Fountains!

LiquidArt's "Pondless" 
fountains are affordable and easy to install.  The "Pondless" design simply means that there is no open pond or standing water. The water reservoir is hidden underground.
LiquidArt offers a variety of fountain packages in a variety of sizes, rock colors, and price ranges. Click on the links to the left, or on the pictures below to see some of our most popular fountains and accessories. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call or email us at:
Phone: (800) 974-9586


Our pondless fountains can be installed and completely operational
in only 3-4 hours!!!

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Advantages of LiquidArt's "Pondless" Fountains:
  • There is no rubber liner to install. The water reservoir is made of a rugged, durable, plastic, which is much stronger than soft rubber liners. Rubber liners are easily punctured, and they nearly always leak after moderate use. LiquidArt's bases will not leak, and because they are rigid and preformed, they can be set directly into the ground.

  • They are virtually maintenance free. Because there is no open standing water, there is no need to use (and clean) pond filters. This makes LiquidArt's pondless fountains a great option in areas where there are a lot fo needles and leaves falling to the ground.

  • They are safer than traditional ponds. Because there is no standing water, there is no need to worry about children or pets accidentally falling into a pond.

  • LiquidArt and its parent company are helping to protect the environment. LiquidArt's fountain bases are made with recycled plastic, and over the years, we've received Certificates of Environmental Stewardship by saving thousands of barrels of oil by purchasing hundreds of thousands of pounds of recycled plastic. In addition, all our pumps are low-energy consumption pumps.

Here's what our customers are saying
about LiquidArt's products!
"It looks so natural...kudos for a well-engineered and quality built product!"
  --Alan C., Gresham, OR
"Your base and pump are SOOOO far superior to the others we have looked at."
  --Eddie E., Portland, OR
"We LOVE the fountain...Thank you so much for your EXCEPTIONAL customer service."
  --Jim & Elisa B., Hillsboro, OR
"The fountain has received rave reviews by all who have seen it."
  --Roger L., Newcastle, WA
"Great service!"
  --Bob P., Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada


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